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Mungo National Park is part of a UNESCO World Heritage–listed Willandra Lakes Region, which covers 2,400 square kilometers (930 square miles) and includes seventeen dry lakes. While not all of the dry lakes are known as Mungo, they have all been declared world heritage sites. The creek that used to flow into Mungo is being preserved as a ). Muthi Muthi, Nyiampaar and Barkinji Aboriginal nations sacred site.


In Mungo National Park, the second largest ancient dry lake, Lake Mungo, serves as the park's central feature. The park is also known for its archaeological excavations. In the park, the remains of Mungo Man, the oldest human remains discovered in Australia, and Mungo Lady, the oldest human cremated ritually, were both discovered. They live 43,000 years ago.


How they got their name is a typical Aussie story, Men came over from China to build fences and sheep yards for the big pastoral properties in the area. The Walls of China extends 35 kilometres (21.7 miles) and the Aussie workers said to the Chinese “Here gents does this look like your Great Wall?”

Walls of China - Mungo

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