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Ormiston Gorge - Haasts Bluff


Haasts Bluff, also known as Ikuntji, is an Aboriginal Australian community in the Northern Territory's Central Australia. It is now home to 150 people, the majority of whom speak Luritja. The town is 227 kilometres (141 miles) west of Alice Springs in the spectacular MacDonnell Ranges.


The Haasts Bluff community takes its name from the near outcrop, given this name in 1872 by the discoverer Ernest Giles, after the German- born New Zealand geologist, Julius von Haast.


Western Arrernte, Pintupi, and Pitjantjatjara people live in the position, which was established as a Lutheran charge in 1946.


The term "Finke River Mission" was originally used to refer to the Hermannsburg Mission, but it was later expanded to include the agreements at Haasts Bluff, Areyonga, and, more recently, Papunya.

It now refers to all Lutheran missionary activity in Central Australia since the establishment of the first charge at Hermannsburg in 1877.


Ormiston Gorge #3

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