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East & Oriental Hotel Foyer


The East & Oriental Hotel was the first hotel in Penang and has had many famous guests. This is the internal corridor that leads from the old building to the newer building. I sat for hours trying to take this photo, waiting for a moment when there was no one in the foyer at the end of the corridor. There's something magic about this corridor - with the lights it just seems to go forever.

East & Oriental Hotel Foyer

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    Size (inches are rounded)


    • A1  841 x 594 mm (33” x 23”)

    • A2  594 x 420 mm (23” x 16”)

    • A3  420 x 297 mm (16” x 12”)


    • A1  1050 x 795 mm (41” x 31”)

    • A2  795 x 620 mm (31” x 24”)

    • A3  590 x 470 mm (23” x 18”)


    Frame Choices

    • No Frame
    • Black
    • White
    • Timber

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